I don’t know about you, but I always struggle with sticking to my regular workout routine this time of year. The warm summer sun is long gone, but my New Year’s motivation hasn’t kicked in yet. It’s almost as if I’m in no-man’s-land in November and December.

With the craziness of the holiday season, the last thing I have time for (or want to do) is exercise, but I know if I don’t fit in some quality sweat sessions, I’ll ring in the new year a few pounds heavier and it’s tough to feel festive when my pants are too tight! Here are some typical excuses for skipping your workout and how to overcome them.

After a long day at work, I am too tired to hit the gym

Do these two things: Put on your workout clothes as soon as the workday ends and make your path home go through the gym. Instead of heading straight home after work, where it’s really tough to motivate yourself to leave again, schedule a gym stop into your evening commute.

excersicesThis way, the sight of other exercisers will motivate you too. Plus, isn’t getting to the gym the hardest part? Once you make it there, all you need to do is go inside!

Exercising at home is so boring

Register for a holiday road race! The weeks leading up to Christmas are packed with holiday-themed 5K and 10K races. Find a training plan online to build up your endurance and keep you on track with your workouts’ you’re training for a race after all!

Add your workouts to your daily calendar to keep you accountable to your race training so you’ll stay motivated all through the holiday season and kick butt on race day!

The scale hasn’t budged in weeks. Why even bother?

Don’t let the scale discourage you! The last thing you want to do is cut back on your workouts when you’ve lost weight. Use those lost pounds as motivation to switch up your workouts.

Turn up the intensity by adding 60-second intervals to your treadmill workouts, crank up the resistance on the elliptical, or increase the length of your session by 10 to 15 minutes. You’ll stay motivated and burn more calories, so before you know it you’ll see some changes on the scale. And, at the very least, you’re feel great on New Year’s Eve!

I will go out and have a few drinks

It happens all the time when we want to go out just to avoid workout! The worst thing you could do is to skip your workout and go in the club and get blasted.

Alcohol is not good for your body nor brain, especially when you are regularly going to the gym and workout. It eats your muscles and damages them after each drink. It is okay to go out and have fun, but do not get drunk as you will erase your results gym results. Not that you will lose your muscles, but the damage is internal and you cannot see it with the eyes. But your body feels it. You don’t want that for sure.

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