Friday, May 7, 2021

Appearances can be deceiving. Lizzie Carney, a stylist/designer for the import firm Euro Trash, didn’t let a small space stop her from creating her own rules and embracing the finer things in life. By adding dramatic pieces and dark colors, her 1,000-square-foot home feels like a sprawling French château.

We asked her a couple of questions and we give you the short version of our interview. As she is a modern designer has been working for many years, she pointed out a few tips and rules that we must follow.

Avoid patterns or choose carefully

Patterns do look amazingly cool, but only in a hotel room and only if you are dealing with a large room. Prints, wallpapers or zebra rugs do distract you from the real dimensions of the space. You don’t want a museum in your home, but rather a cozy room that clearly indicates the space and corners.

roomSure, not all patterns do not look stylish and modern, but generally having the same wallpapers and patterns on a rug is clearly not something that you want, as the room will look smaller. If you are really into the wallpapers and patterns, then try to achieve a contrast to make room bigger than it actually is.

Do not place too many items throughout the room

A statue from Egypt, a tower from Paris or a landscape mockup do look cool, but if you place too much of them, you will lose your space. Yes, knick-knacks look cool when places properly all around the room, but you don’t want to make a museum.

Instead, position them in a bit of order, or group the same/similar ones, to achieve some sort of balance and add more space.

Use small furniture for small rooms

Yes, this is important because you don’t want to take up space if you don’t need to. A guest room, for example, should be comfortable, not full of additional sofas in case you have more guests. Use built-in beds that can save you a lot of room. Rather use a smaller sofa so that you have enough space to walk around.

Mirrors can expand space additionally

Tiny-paris-studio-apartment-living-room-58de73d55f9b584683644483They reflect the light, making your place much brighter. When you place these, they can make reflections, which will expand your room even more. What is even better is to place drawings and art objects on the opposite side, so the mirrors can reflect these and create more visual space. Really simple. Yet effective.

Use white color

All small spaces should be painted in white, as it is elegant, peaceful and adds more on space. However, you need to add a gray or even black color to the white one so you could get that classy look. The white color is great as it reflects a somehow makes a space to look bigger. If your walls are white, your ceiling should be of the same color as your eyes will not stare at the ceiling all the time.

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