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Pregnancy is one of the most sensitive periods in the life of a woman and therefore, it is not possible to stress out the importance of eating healthy food during this period. A medical billing company suggests strictly paying attention to the diet in order to avoid potentially dangerous food and beverages. Some types of food you can eat from time to time, while some of you should avoid completely. Still, a balanced diet, which has enough healthy nutrients, is something you must have in order to have everything under control. Apart from alcohol, tobacco and drugs, what type of foods a pregnant woman should avoid?

Fish that is rich in mercury

Mercury is a toxic element that becomes deadly if it is present in higher concentration. The most commonly is found in polluted water. In these water, fish easily becomes poisoned with the mercury and if you eat that fish, your nervous system, kidneys and immune system could easily become infected, not to mention that it can cause serious problems to children while developing.


Avoid Fish that is rich in mercury

One or two portions of mercury-rich fish is allowed to pregnant women and types of fish that have it include shark, swordfish and tuna. Limit your diet when it comes to these once or twice per month.

Raw fish

Raw fish forms can cause serious infections and problems if the meat is rotten or has the parasitic disease. While the infections do not have to be very noticeable, at least with mother, the baby can suffer serious problems due to the infections like Listeria or Salmonella.

Even though the mother could not show any signs of infections, the baby could be prematurely delivered, miscarriage or even die in extreme cases. For this reason, avoid raw fish at all costs, since you never know what eventually could happen. Sushi dishes, shellfish or any other type of raw fish should be skipped during the pregnancy.

Processed meat

Though not that dangerous as raw meat, processed meat could be the source of infections, parasites and bacteria like E.coli and Toxoplasma, which can be very hard to treat. These can inflict serious neurological problems and even cause blindness, disability or epilepsy.

Processed meat

Avoid Processed meat

The processed meat goes through a series of processes before it is packed in the package, and during the processing, it may become infected. The only way that you might decrease the chances for getting bacteria from processed meat is to cook it again to kill these eventually. Still, in any case, pregnant women should avoid this type of meat at all costs.

Fruit that is not washed

The surface of fruit may become contaminated with bacteria and parasites and if you eat the fruit unwashed, you are risking to catch toxoplasma, E.coli or Salmonella. The contamination may happen during harvesting, processing, or transportation so it is very hard to prove that someone caused it. In any case, once contaminated, the fruit must be washed thoroughly in order to get rid of these. So be careful and wash your fruit all the time!

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