Tuesday, April 20, 2021

It’s important to remember that it’s not the size of a room that determines its style impact or capacity to wow. Yes, creating an apartment larger than it is does not correlate to the principles of spatial geometry but you can create an illusion that shows a room larger.

Here are some of our favorite commonly overlooked strategies for living large in a small space and how you can create the visual effect of larger room. Of course, always hire some professional who has experience with this type of design.

Use big furniture

An overstuffed sofa in a small urban apartment will seem out of proportion and gobble up valuable real estate, but many small-space dwellers make the mistake of crowding their spaces with overly petite furniture, which only makes a room feel more diminutive. When selecting furniture, focus instead on striking the right balance. Start by streamlining your furniture choices.

Workstead-Gallatin-New-York-Matthew-Williams-Remodelista-1-1536x1066 Instead of a king-size bed, for instance, opt for a full or a queen, with nightstands hung on the wall and wall-mounted sconces or industrial reading lights to free up floor space.
Give the bed a sense of presence with an extra-tall headboard that will take advantage of untapped vertical space and draw the eye upward, creating the impression of more space.

Choose pictures and decorations carefully

Many people make a mistake when placing a decoration and place too much small decorative pieces that are clustered at one place. The point is to arrange these equally to you get the balance and the feeling of a good placement.

Also, a properly scaled pictures are inevitable otherwise you will have uneven look and design. You sure don’t want that.

Fix a proper lighting

It is the best, especially if you have a large room, to place a big chandelier and then cover the rest of space with the night lamps and table lamps. This way you will double your space and give your space much more air flow. At the same time, one big chandelier is not going to take too much of your space.

roomJust add small lamps where needed and you are good to go. In a petite living room, pairing a sofa boasting a sleek design and a low profile with a large artwork and a statement-making light fixture will give the room a bold sense of personality.

Dark colors can present expensiveness

Yes, the darker combinations and colors can greatly induce the feeling of expensiveness, if you apply them appropriately. Dark-colored walls can create the sense of depth, making it interesting and appealing to an eye so it is the best way to hire a professional painter who can create visual and 3D effects.

You do not want a kindergarten in your house of course, but you can create a bit of modern and abstract design. The contrast of black and white offers a lot of different variations in design, so much that a small room can look much bigger than it is.

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