Tuesday, April 20, 2021

As the latest tensions between Mexico and the Us are exploding, the latest one will definitely start a fire, as Pentagon approves officially the process of building the great wall. Patrick Shanahan has authorized $1 billion for the building of wall, which is suggested by the US president, Donald Trump, as a president’s emergency need to make a distinct border between these two countries.

The Department Of Homeland Security asked Pentagon for permission to build the 57miles of 18-foot fence that will prevent Mexican citizens to enter illegally the USA and to smuggle million dollars of worth drugs.

Pentagon has a full authority to approve such action

According to the official statement released on 04/25/201 by the Pentagon Press team, Mr Shanahan has been the responsible for approving such an action and he authorized the commander of the US Army Corps Of Engineers to start with the building process.

They will actually assist the DOHS and Customs Border Patrol in building this fence. The building process will take some time before it is completed fully, but it greatly reduce the number of people that illegally enter the state, as well that smuggle drugs from Mexico to the USA, where the street value can make them rich in just a few months.

Just a few days ago, Mr Shanahan had testified in Congress to show and defend Pentagon’s budget and plan for the wall.

The wall is going to be 1,989 miles long, covering the whole border with Mexico, from California to Texas. The wall should be 35ft tall, making it impossible for anyone to jump over and enter the country. Although the idea of wall is a bit older (George W. Bush launched the concept in 2006), president Trump has managed to bring it back to reality. As far as it goes, the wall is going to be built.

The White House approves it, Congress tries to reject it

Although President Trump wanted $5.7 billion for the wall and building all the necessary things along, the White House revealed that the budget for 2020 will set aside $8.6 billion just for the wall building. This is more than Trump asked initially even though the Congress rejected the proposal and made Trump angry.

cwire-installation-border-wall-ht-jef-181204_hpMain_16x9_1600In the end, unofficially we found out that Congress finally accepted the proposal and set aside around $6 billion just for this project. They have not said a single thing regarding the Pentagon’s approval of building the wall so it is natural to conclude that they finally agree with the President. In the end, the wall is going to be built but Democrats, as well as Republicans, consider that this was an abuse of presidential powers.
President Trump only announced that the current project will be the core of his agenda in the upcoming president’s elections in 2020. Still, the number of people that try to enter the Us illegally is greatly reduced when compared in the past.

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