Friday, May 7, 2021

When it comes to matching your outfit and bags, the combinations are endless and countless. Each outfit requires a certain type of bag to match it and this is one of the most common ladies’ problem. As 2019 continues to go on, we have prepared several bags that you simply must have in your collection. These are the perfect choices for summer days that will match your relaxed and cozy comfort. Each of these is unique and requires a certain outfit that should be matched with it. Hurry up and buy!

Bamboo bags

Yes, bamboo bags is the trend of fashion that never wears out. They come in different sizes, depending on what you want and need. The bag allows you to store things like lipstick, writing utensils, meds, keys and lots of things without the fear that something might fall out.

humber-travel-koveredThe bamboo pieces are close enough to prevent things from falling out. This bag is a must accessory if you decide to wear an all-white outfit. It is elegant, trendy and makes you unique and distinct among other ladies. After, ladies want the originality in every sense.

Gonicsbali Handwoven Bali Bamboo Bag

Another bamboo bag but this time in different shape and it is completely free of any animal product or a part. This handwoven purse is 100% handmade, smoked and sun-dried before delivered to the shop shelves.

Easy vegan straps will enable you to enjoy without getting tired or feeling grumpy due to the strap.

The bag offers a decent amount of space to store your items and personal belongings. It is made in Bali, so you should know that you are wearing 100% authentic and handmade product. On top of this, the price tag is not so expensive so you will be able to buy it easily.

ASOS Design Bamboo Square Boxy Clutch Bag

The boxy shape of this bag will make you look like you are a businesswoman since it has a double handle for more stable grip, especially as it allows you store everything you need for your work.

bagThe ergonomic design and plastic material make it lightweight and easy to carry while walking around. The design is unique as you can see through the bag and see what is inside. Perfectly matches with beige and khaki dresses and suits.

Jewel mini bag

The exterior of the bag is ornamented with the jewel embellishment, as well as the handles of it. The removable satin interior can be closed with the drawstrings easily. Though you cannot store a lot of things inside the bag, it will shine on you, along with your sky blue dress. Must have for all who love fashion and jewelry!

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