Friday, May 7, 2021

Being in trend means you need to follow the latest fashion concepts and ideas, which can be seen anywhere on the street. Every season brings in something different and it is the same this year. From Paris to London, Madrid to New York, these combinations showed great influence on women’s population.

Though some combination should not be changed in any case, there are a couple of ones that you can redesign and combine with something else. Just don’t mix everything to look like a parrot.

Bike shorts with coats/blazers

Although this does not look like something you wear on your work, this cozy and comfort combination is the latest fashion you will see on the street.

coupleThe combination offers you fresh sports look and represents the perfect fashion for everyday and casual activity. Just do not wear shorts of the same color as your coat/blazer. Instead, try to make a contrast so the colors could be more elegant.

Animal prints

Animal prints are always part of fashion and you cannot go wrong with this piece of clothes unless you wear it in the gym or in your office. Leopard print suits perfectly well with black shirts of you have a coat with this print.

The jungle cat themed print is always cool when you are hitting the streets, as it is unusual and trendy. It suits perfectly well with dresses, suites and light jackets. In addition, you can add the leopard-print bag to make things more complete.

Boiler suit

If you want something that is trendy, yet serious, jumpsuits are the way to go. These types of clothing were used for manual labor workers, but once it became a fashion, it turned out that these suites were highly functional. You can find them in many colors, so choose the one that suits you the best. There are also many different styles ranging from a simple and more casual, to more work-alike and more functional with a lot of pockets and storage compartments.

Lavender colors

Lavender colors are always interesting, especially during the summer time. The light purple variation is the best and extremely stylish.

Dresses, coats or even shoes in this color create the stunning effect and make you look relaxed, young and wanted. Choose the most appropriate piece of clothes in this color and be fashionable. All eyes will catch the lavender color. Add to that a hat in similar color, and you are the princess!

Puff shoulders

Want a piece of the 80’s atmosphere? Puff shoulders are exactly what you need if you are nostalgic a bit about these times. This is fantastic combination if you are going for a dinner or a night out and want to look more modern and pompous. This is not to wear in school nor during a simple weekend walk, but rather when you plan to go for a dinner where a lot of people will attend. It is elegant yet attacking so everyone must see you!

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