Friday, May 7, 2021

Scarves are great way to make your hairstyle fun but also to protect yourself from the Sun and its rays during the hot summer days. Scarfs have been a part of fashion for decades and it is an inevitable item in every women’s wardrobe closet.

As you already have many of them in your closet probably, we decided to share with you the best ways to improve your hairstyle and to protect yourself from the sun.

The turban scarf

Turban-like scarfs are a great way to show off your face and make your hairstyle more attractive. It is the best style for hot summer days when you tie your hair up to prevent it from falling down on your forehead.

It will hide your hair roots, or even hide that you have not washed your hair. You can even use bobby pins to anchor the scarf and prevent it from slipping and make everything look more appealing!

Retro look with Updo Vintage scarf

If you want to achieve an easy summer look, with the slight retro fashion on your hair, then you can tie updo vintage scarf and achieve a retro look. A retro hair tuck can be done with the simple headband, but that does not give you that retro look you want.

It is very easy to make it – you can do it with long or even short hair. Just use some boby pins to keep everything in place.

There is a simple guide for this: tied the scarf around the head and secure it with pins; pull your hair around it with the small amount of hair, and repeat this until you roll all the hair around the scarf. Once rolled, use pins to secure the hair to it will not fall apart.

Wire bow

The wire bow is another perfect style for the upcoming summer and you can easily prepare for it. You will need a nice cotton fabric, scissors and a bit of wire.

what-to-wear-in-muslim-countries_modest_travelThe first thing is to cut the fabric at the length you want and sew it around the edges, but do leave a single hole unsewn. Now, use wire in the double size of your fabric and twist the ends and fold them down to avoid cutting. Slide the wire inside the fabric and viola!

A simple bun

This is a bit of street fashion. It is very easy to perform this and all you need is a piece of fabric that will serve as your scarf. Twist your hair into a simple bun, to place hair at the place. Use pins to secure it if needed. Then, tie the fabric and twist the excessive fabric into the bun.

A maiden braid scarf

Separate your hair into two sections, place the scarf at the center of your neck. Plait the hair with the rest of the scarf and bring both ends to the top of your head. Use pins to tighten the structure! You are ready for the summer walk!

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