Wednesday, April 21, 2021

As the Internet grows every day, it is the same with the laws that must be respected in this virtual world. The latest trend is law enforcement feature that would forbid any anti-vaccination messages, on any of the social media platforms. Those myths that are saying vaccination is not good for kids, could be punished severely. According to Matt Hanock, the police service must be included and engaged much more into these activities. This propaganda must stop once for all, and it must become highly illegal to be spread out, both in virtual and in the real world.

How did everything start?

In 1998 The Lancet medical journey has revealed a small study where they showed the connection of vaccine and autism in children that are age of 12. Andrew Wakefield has promoted this study and created a whole movement about it. Some 6 years later, a journalist has presented the facts that point out that Wakefield hired lawyers to prove that the vaccines caused autism with children. However, in 2010. An official study has been published, saying that the studies were falsified and that there is no strong or familiar connection between autism and MMR vaccine.

Still, to this day, there are a lot of advocates and movements that say that MMR vaccines do cause various illnesses and conditions, including some other lethal conditions. Still, no concrete evidence has been showed to support these claims, and the whole matter is just “a matter of opinion”. Some people do argue that parents are irresponsible if they do not take their children to take a vaccination.

Facebook and Instagram announced bans

In the beginning of March, Facebook announced that lies about vaccines and every anti-vaccination-related content will be banned and punished. Also, Instagram decided to block and ban any of the anti-vaccine hashtags.

The social media is so powerful that can convey any message to the visitors and Hanock said that these kind of messages that present vaccination as something bad, should be punished and banned at once. According to his words, social media platforms can do a lot on this subject, at least banning related content for a start. Thanks to this propaganda and anti-vaccination movement, a lot of fake news have emerged as a result. This can be really dangerous to our lives, especially for lives of children as they can be put away from a vaccine by their parents.

Hanock said that the police will have to engage a lot more in this problem in order to keep it down. The vaccination is important and all children must take it. Also, parents do have the right to reject the vaccination of their children, but in case of an illness, they are to blame for.


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