Thursday, October 29, 2020

The first question we ask when we want to equip our room is what do we want from a particular room? If you have a living room that is not so big and that is full of furniture, you might want to reconsider the role of it as you don’t need a small space that is packed with tables, chairs and sofas.

While you sometimes just have to place a few additional pieces of furniture, it can be really hard to make everything fit in the right way. In case you are having a small room, we offer you quick design tips that will make your room bigger than it is.

Curtains above window frames

You don’t want to hang a curtain across the window as your room will look smaller. The best way to place them is a few inches under the ceiling and let it hang outside the window frame. This small and simple trick adds you more space and makes your living room much bigger than it actually is.

Do not place furniture next to a wall

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make. Although looks a bit odd at first, moving it away from the wall actually clears up the space and adds more space that you can use.

Another perk of moving it away from the wall is that you would eventually prevent any mold to stay on the wall, as it has enough airflow behind.

Built-in bookshelves

While bookshelves look amazing in your room, making everything compact and tight, they really take you a lot of space. However, the solution is a built-in bookshelf. These are recessed into a wall and will save you a couple of square feet that you can reserve for something else. You can buy these or you can even embark on a DIY project and make it unique.

Place TV on a wall

If you place your TV screen on shelf, it looks nice though, but it takes you precious space. Instead, hang it on a wall. You will get with your TV the wall bolts that enable you to mount your TV.

This is especially important if you have a bigger screen, like 40” for example. While you will have a good angle for viewing, you will also save a lot of space.

Do not make a colorful presentation of your room

The color balance is something that must be achieved in order to make your space look bigger. The tints and shades will look astonishing in smaller homes, but do have in mind that you must achieve a color balance. Otherwise, you will not get the additional space.

Use large furniture

Although large furniture takes a lot of space, if you place it well and do not put too much of it in a room, the home will look bigger in the end. Avoid placing too many of pieces as this can produce the counter effect.

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