Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Embarking on the fishing trip in the saltwater means that you must go prepared with all the offshore fishing equipment you could need eventually. Whenever going offshore, make sure that the boat’s tanks are full, but also that your tackle box contains everything you could need for your adventure. In this article, we will present all the pieces of equipment that you must have when you go to saltwater.

Rods and reels

Fishing Pike In River

Holding A Big Pike

The first things first – rods and reels are inevitable as you cannot do anything without them. Get a few rods with the reels attached so you don’t have to lose time on setting the gear. Buy a couple of ones that are of different lengths, just to have a versatile choice. The main rule for getting the rod is that it should be 30 centimeters longer than your height is, so consider this rule when you about to buy the rods.

Landing nets

Since you will be on the open sea, it is logical to have a landing net so you could catch fish in bulk. After all, it is much safer and easier to catch it with net. Make sure that you buy the one that has a long handle, so you could reach the water from the deck of your boat and also make sure that you have a big hoop in case you bump into the bigger fish.

Also, it is recommended to get the net that has a rubber mesh so you could avoid hurting the fish. The knotted nylon can easily make damage to fish, which is the last thing you want to do.

Long pliers

When a hook gets in the fish’s mouth, it can be tricky to get it out sometimes. Of course, sticking your hand in the mouth of a big fish is not exactly the thing that we could recommend so make sure that you get yourself a pair of long pliers. At the same time, you can use these to bend hooks or even trim leaders if needed, but it will be primarily used for removing the hooks.

Have enough baits and lures

Golden Color Reel

New Gold Reel For Fishing

Make sure that you have enough baits and lures since it may happen that you accidentally lose some of these while you fish. The types that you need to have depend on the water where you plan to fish in, so make sure that you know where you are going and what fish you can catch. As an addition, you can bring old bread, biscuits or turkey liver, which are the great choices when you run out of the professionally made plastic baits.


Being on the open sea requires a lot of attention but also searching for the right fishing spot. When you have the binoculars, you can identify the remote and secluded places easily as well as spot the weedlines that could be perfect spots for flocks of fish. Try to get one that has stabilized optics, allowing you to monitor the area that is a lot of miles in front of you.

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