Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world that a lot of people visit every year. Besides the cool and unique architecture, Dubai offers the fantastic cuisine that combines the flavors of the Middle East, Mediterranean and the Africa. Among many places, Dhow Cruise Dubai marina offers a fantastic setting for food lovers and offers the truly amazing tastes that you will never forget. Keep reading the article so you could find out about the best restaurants in this city!


This is one of the most romantic restaurants in the whole world! It is set on pier, just above the sea of Arabian Gulf, offering the truly amazing, fresh, and tasty seafood! The European cuisine will meet all your requirements and wishes so do not be scared to try anything from the menu!



The romantic outpost offers seclusion from noise, crowds and gives you space to enjoy in private moments with your partner. It is titled as the best seafood restaurant in Dubai! Make sure you do not miss this place the very next time you come in Dubai, as this is a must-visit restaurant with high-quality food!

Nathan Outlaw In Al Mahara Desert

Have you ever been to an underwater restaurant? No? Well, Nathan Outlaw is placed in an aquarium, so you could enjoy in view of the sealife! Al Mahara desert offers several resorts that offer cool setting and relaxing atmosphere, but this restaurant is something that you must visit if you are on the hunt for the traditional cuisine.

It is laid-back, relaxed and elegant restaurant that offers a lot of food. The primary food is of course, seafood, which is prepared in the traditional way with the traditional spices. While it stays simple, the restaurant is innovative and complex at the same time, making it special and highly unique!


In case you want a restaurant that is relaxed and casual, without worries about the dress code, Eauzone is the place to go. Although cool during the day, the restaurant offers the vivid, enthusiastic and colorful setting during the night, when the nightsky reflects on the pools that are surrounding the small outposts where you and your partner will have the fantastic food. The outposts are basically floating on the water, making the whole experience romantic and relaxed. There is also a walkway made out of wood, so you could arrive to your favorite spot!

La Petite Maison

The old-Genoese/Mediterranean cuisine is the second name for this place, as it provides centuries-old recipes and dishes that you will not find anywhere! From special recipes with artichokes, courgettes and olives, to the fresh seafood and pasta prepared in the old Mediterranean way!

Though this restaurant is 90% situated indoor, it offers a piece of outdoor atmosphere for the guests who prefer to eat outside. Enjoy in healthy meals prepared in the traditional way and experience a totally unique approach of the staff/waiters in the restaurant!

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